Musings on History

Musings on History

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Dec 31, 2023 S08 E04 01:10:23

Are you a former Nazi Party member, Nazi scientist, or high-ranking former Wehrmacht officer in need of post-war employment? Well, does the US have the job opportunity for you!Support the show

Nov 05, 2023 S08 E03 01:49:13

What really happened on the Eastern and Western fronts? How much of the "Iron Curtain" was a collaboration between Churchill and Stalin? Why did Japan put "731" on their first domestically produced F-16 fighter jet last year? Jadakiss...

Oct 21, 2023 S08 E02 00:33:44

Eenie, meanie, miney, moe, catch a Nazi by its toe... that's how some countries chose their side during World War II.Support the show

May 06, 2023 S07 E06 00:43:23

In the conclusion to the History of Resistance series, I talk about individual acts of slave resistance as well as the non-violent ways that enslaved people conceptualized freedom.Support the show